Zhaoyi Technology's 2020 new cadre class training style

Zhaoyi Technology's 2020 new cadre class training style

2020-07-08 21:18

At the beginning of the midsummer, enthusiastic young people from all over the world, with dreams, passion and hope, crossed the Yellow River and the Yangtze River, crossed the mountains and mountains, and went to Hangzhou, Zhejiang, which has been long-awaited.

Guessing the unknown fresh face, they met like old friends and rode the car all the way to the Zhaoyi family with laughter!


Group CEO Shao Yijian Shao personally presided over the opening ceremony and showed everyone the company's latest technology orientation.


In the next 15 days, all the colleagues of the new cadre class will be trained in the conference room and listen carefully to the experience sharing of the executives. I saw their rigorous work style, professional knowledge and systematic way of doing things, gained their experience of growing up with Zhaoyi, and felt their conscientious work attitude.

It provides effective help for the role change of the new cadre class, rapid integration into the workplace and future growth.


        In order to deepen the new cadre class's understanding of the company's industry and enhance the sense of identity and belonging, on the basis of theoretical guidance, the company has added a new link-site visits to various product offices.

The HR manager of Weishan Product Department personally led the team to visit

Dormitory visit

New delivery room base visit

Managers of various departments receive and display products in person

The Human Resources Manager of Seagull Product Department personally led the team to visit

As of the end of the tour of the product, our first training session has come to an end. Do you think it will end like this? The wonderful experience report class will be about to kick off.


        At 9:00 am on July 6, 2020, although it was rainy and rainy outside, the new cadres in the conference hall were full of hearts. Everyone ushered in the last day of the training camp, and it was about to start a new stage of working life.


        Mr. Shao gave an opening speech, on behalf of all the colleagues of the company, he welcomed the new cadre class to join, and also hoped that everyone can have excellent performance and shine for the future of Zhaoyi Technology.

   After the speech, the outstanding students and teams with outstanding performance in this training camp were commended. They are: Zhu Zilong, Wang Liqiao, Cheng Cheng, Ke Muchen, and the commendation team is: Arts and Sciences Youth Group.


Outstanding Students and Outstanding Team Awards

Excellent student representative Wang Liqiao delivered a speech



Next, the third charter, the team talent show, in the group show, everyone showed their magic, singing and dancing, cross talk sketches, no one fell behind. The colleagues in the new cadre class are not only outstanding in their academic qualifications, but their talents should not be underestimated.

Team talent show


   The last link is the signing of the mentoring agreement. The company adopts the one-to-one mentoring agreement signing model to focus on cultivating talents.

Finally, all the leaders and the new cadre class took a "family portrait" together, officially starting the first step of the 2020 new cadre class in Zhaoyi.

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